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Watson Daily
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20th-Nov-2010 09:00 pm - Emma Watson Time Interview
elena | sweetest smile
This community has been MIA, but classes are almost over for me, so hopefully I'll be able to post more often!

In the mean time, check out this interview with Time.

Actress Emma Watson has landed her first film role since Harry Potter in a movie about Marilyn Monroe. Watson is set to join Michelle Williams, Dominic Cooper and Judi Dench in new flick My Week With Marilyn

The movie is based on the diary of Colin Clark, who worked as Laurence Olivier’s assistant on films starring Marilyn Monroe.
elena | sweetest smile
One Night Only has uploaded another behind the scenes video from their music video Say You Don't Want It.
Emma appears around the 3:30 mark.

11th-Aug-2010 11:50 am - Facebook Images
elena | sweetest smile
New picture posted on Emma's official facebook.

OK! Magazine posted an article here and there is a video from Emma on facebook here
5th-Aug-2010 09:11 pm - Another picture and a poll
elena | sweetest smile
Found this one on tumblr.

What do you think of Emma's haircut?

Love it!
Hate it!
5th-Aug-2010 12:22 pm - Emma Watson has a new haircut!!!
elena | sweetest smile
OMG. This is not photoshopped. Emma did cut her hair.

candids under cutCollapse )
14th-Jul-2010 10:47 pm - Emma in Thailand
elena | sweetest smile
Emma has been spotted in Thailand! Here are a few pictures under the cut. :)

more under the cutCollapse )
8th-Jul-2010 12:59 pm - Emma in Bangladesh
emma | i can see your truth
Apparently Emma was spotted in Bangladesh. Here's a comment on facebook from Bachhara, a fashion label.

"had the pleasure of meeting Sophia the amazing women behind PeopleTree and the beautiful Emma Watson yesterday... Was an absolute pleasure to meet two women who are so passionate about making our consumer market Fairtrade! love Bachhara x"

Pictures are MQ. Will add more as they come in.

emma | sharing my smiles with you
I've gotten chills!!!!! It looks amazing!!!!!!!

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